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Professional retouching is part of the variety of services we offer. If you have an image that you took (or that another professional photographer took) that needs some extra help please contact us. Our retouching work is billed by the hour and we stay in touch with you through the process.

We can delete people from photos, change colors, clean up stray hairs, change color, contrast, smooth out clothing wrinkles, smooth out skin wrinkles, fix gray roots on hair, remove glare on glasses. You name it, we have done it.

We also work extensively with product and food photography for restaurants and advertising. Fashion shoot that needs fixing? No problem.

Our retouching work has been used in everything from magazines, LinkedIn, acting headshots and even posters in the subway.

RAW files to process from your last vacation? Yes, we can do that for you too so you can enjoy, print and share your images.
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